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Room to Talk

When you're home all alone with a tiny baby and nobody to talk to, the house can feel so huge. Your thoughts can start to rattle around in all that space and the noise can drive you bonkers! Plus, winter can be be rough in Wisconsin! We're currently on a streak of "hot" winter days. But my phone keeps reminding me of how bitterly cold it was 1 year ago. Going out in the ice, snow, and biting wind is hard enough as a lone adult. Add a baby to the mix and you might feel like just staying inside for another 2 months.

What if there was a place you could just show up and be yourself? You wouldn't have to "dress right", show up on time, or even wash your hair. You could wear your jammies, which are probably yoga pants anyway - halfway there! You wouldn't have to worry if your baby cried and fussed because everyone there would be in the same situation. There'd be hot coffee and tea and soft places to sit. There would be other people like you to chat with. Sounds great, right?

This place is real! It's a Mom's Group or New Parent Group. And it is a lifesaver! So many friendships are formed in these groups. We are brought together by a human need for connection and we end up helping others as much as we are helped. While it may feel easiest and happiest to stay home, making connections with other humans is one of the most important keys to happiness. And nothing solidifies a friendship quite like suffering through spit-ups together.

Beyond discussing babies and their accomplishments, parents may also yearn for conversation that doesn't focus on diaper content or hours of sleep. You once had interests beyond your offspring and that doesn't have to end. To serve this need for grown up conversation and meaningful connection with other humans, I am starting a podcast listening party and discussion group! (See my Facebook page for details.)

I recently completed the first season of The Happiness Lab podcast. It tackles our assumptions about happiness and reveals the science of what actually makes us happy. Turns out, we're not very good at predicting what is best for our own happiness. I'm hoping to connect with parents who may be feeling isolated from society as they tend to young children. I hope to give grownups something interesting to think about. Most of all, I hope to make connections with others and enjoy good conversation!

So come out to join me if you're in my area. And if you're not nearby, check it out and maybe you'll be moved to share it with others. Don't worry about brushing your hair.

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