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12 Days of Doula #5

On the 5th day with baby, my doula gave to me

5 freezer meals!

4 loads of laundry!

3 hours of napping!

She helped me feed my baby.

And she sat down and listened to me.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to just open the freezer and choose from a couple delicious and healthy meals?

I love to cook and spoil my clients with delicious food! I can also help you get a meal train organized or stock up handy freezer foods.

Babies are notorious for demanding extra attention just when you need to focus on feeding yourself. This means dinner time can be stressful even for people who love to cook! (So unfair! Now you're stressed about your baby and sad that you don't have time for your favorite activity.)

A thorough postpartum plan would include several recipes (or at least names of dishes) that the expectant parents love to eat. The pantry would be well stocked with staples before baby arrived. If you're reading this while pregnant, get out your favorite cookbooks and a pad of sticky notes. Flag what you want people to cook for you. Think about dishes that make great leftovers...or even breakfasts! Post your favorite carry out and fast food items too, then you can easily be inspired later on.

Once the baby arrives, lots of family and will want to visit. When anyone voices, "Anytime you need help..." point out the sticky notes and say, "OMG! I'm so glad you asked! Please fix me 'xyz' before you go!"

In reality, we rarely know exactly when a baby will make their grand entrance and parents haven't thought much about what they will need to eat. That's OK too! Thanks to COVID, we are living in a golden age of online ordering and delivery. The changes since 2011 are astounding. Back in my day, a drive-up grocery with a "Honk for Service" was cutting edge. Now you can get curbside service anywhere and delivery from anyplace. AMAZING!

Whether you've already made a plan for postpartum or are wishing you had done, a postpartum doula is a sure bet for meal time help. I can pick up your curbside order, hit the drive-thru on the way over, cook something comforting, or help you make food when there's "nothing" in the house to eat.

As your postpartum doula, I will leave you well fed and well rested when my shift is done.

Take time to enjoy your baby,

I'll take of the rest.

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