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12 Days of Doula #10

On the tenth day with baby, my doula gave to me,

She entertained my toddler.

She reassured my partner.

She fended off my mother.

She helped me find resources.

She helped me with my feelings.

5 freezer meals!

4 loads of laundry!

3 hours of napping!

She helped me feed my baby.

And she sat down and listened to me.

You stay put! I'll cut up a jillion grapes for lunch.

Rest your eyes and snooze a little, I'll keep big sister busy for a while.

Toddlers are famously demanding. You might worry about how you'll manage to keep a toddler and a newborn happy at the same time. When will you ever get a chance to rest? Or do anything, really?

I love to include big siblings in my work around the house and kitchen. They are so proud of being big and love to show off for newcomers. When you need a nap or a shower, I'll get down on the floor to play trucks with your big kid. I even clean up when we're done playing!

Need special time to connect with your first baby? I'll snuggle your newborn so you can shower the big brother or sister with all of your attention.

It takes time for everyone to adjust to a new family member and I'm happy to help you all.

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