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12 Days of Doula #9

On the ninth day with baby, my doula gave to me,

She reassured my partner.

She fended off my mother.

She helped me find resources.

She helped me with my feelings.

5 freezer meals!

4 loads of laundry!

3 hours of napping!

She helped me feed my baby.

And she sat down and listened to me.

One of my favorite times as a postpartum doula was teaching a father to wear his tiny son in a carrier. We got them buckled up and zipped into his coat and then they went out for their first walk together!

Dad was glowing with pride when he returned. He loved nuzzling his son's head as they walked. He was even able to pick up some lunch at the corner store!

I love seeing new parents try something new and feel confident in it! Bonus: studies have shown that partners who are given more responsibility for their infants later take on more of the parenting workload.

Watching your partner give birth and becoming a family of 3 (or more) can feel totally bewildering. Partners typically want to help, but might worry about "doing it wrong" or feel like "the baby doesn't need me yet."

I tell all my clients that I'm here to help the entire family learn and adjust to their new roles. Partners will get loving encouragement as they get to know their new baby.

When everyone feels supported, the whole family can thrive.

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