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12 Days of Doula #4

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

On the fourth day with baby,

my doula gave to me,

4 loads of laundry!

3 hours of napping!

She helped me feed my baby,

And she sat down and listened to me.

Having a baby creates so much new laundry. Baby spit-up, bloody underwear, milk stained shirts, sweat soaked bedsheets! There is so much laundry and it's not all coming from the tiny new baby. Your body is going through changes and making entirely new messes! Oh joy.

How will you manage laundry chores between feedings and naps? Trying to heal from a c-section is hard enough, toting laundry baskets is not part of the recovery regimen. One of the easiest chores visitors and family can help with is hauling laundry back and forth for you. Everyone can do laundry, or at least change the sheets! Don't be shy, put them to work!

As your postpartum doula, I can gather laundry, drag it back and forth from the washer, fold it, and put it away for you. If your family is visiting, I will happily marshal them into laundry service for you. My job is part doing the work and part teaching others to do the work once I am gone.

Babies want healthy parents who snuggle them as much as possible. You focus on the baby, I'll handle the other stuff.

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