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12 Days of Doula #2

On the second day with baby,

My doula gave to me,

She helped me feed my baby!

And she sat down and listened to me.

If I were cat doula, rabbit doula, or pig doula this would have been day 8, 10, or 12 respectively. Get it? I can't resist. Go ahead and call me juvenile, I resemble that remark.

Feeding though! Babies need to eat, often. It's quite a job, but it doesn't need to be a huge stress point in your life with a new baby. Learning your babies signs and hunger cues can seem baffling at first.

"They can't even talk!"

"When will I know 'the hunger cry' my mother talked about?"

"Is my baby hungry AGAIN? How do I know if they're getting enough?"

But don't worry, you and your baby are capable of developing strong communication without even speaking! I love watching new parents develop their confidence. Most families have all the skills they need to "figure it out", but they're lacking confidence and knowledgeable support. They need a boost from someone to tell them they're on the right track. Many times, I don't even do much teaching, I just point out how much they have already grown.

Even though breastfeeding is completely natural, it doesn't just come naturally! Even bottle feeding doesn't necessarily look like it did when you were a baby. We have to work with our babies to learn how to do it. And having someone to coach, cheer, and support you can make all the difference in the world.

You mom might say, "Well I just fed you when you were hungry!" or, "You were such an easy baby, you did exactly what the book said." Although well meaning, none of that is very specific or practical for you!

I can help you learn your own baby's early hunger cues, help get you and baby into good positions for feeding, and teach you about common hurdles and pitfalls of feeding and pumping. My aim is to give you encouragement by recognizing and celebrating what you're already doing beautifully, to offer options when things aren't feeling great, and to share information when you're feeling curious.

There's a lot to learn and I know you're up for it!

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