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3 Best Stroller Walks in Mequon

Welcome to the winter doldrums, my friends. The holidays are past, the weather is cold, and the landscape is brown. But don't let all that get you down!

Today I bring you 3 wonderful places to take an EASY walk with a stroller. Even in the winter. They're not too far from home and you'll never be very far from your car if you need a quick bail. Poop happens.

Getting outside to move our bodies has proven benefits for body and mind! Crisp winter air can be a welcome relief after the over-dry heated air in our homes. Fussy babies and parents frequently show signs of mood improvement after just a quick turn around the block. So take a look at my easy strolls and consider try something new this week.

#1 A Walk in the Park - Village Park Loop

Village Park in Thiensville, WI is one of the most popular parks around. Parents of young children love it for the excellent, and shaded playground. Fishermen come for the river. Everyone comes out for the farmer's market in the summer.

For a nice walk with your stroller, park down by the tennis courts. Head for the baseball fields, and you'll find a lovely paved path. The path is an entirely level, meandering loop around the ball fields. On the river side there are several porch swing benches if you need to stop for a feed or a sip of coffee.

To maximize the shade factor on your eyes follow this rule: walk clockwise in the morning and counterclockwise in the afternoon. That should put your back to the sun for most of the loop that doesn't have trees.

Bonus! THIS PATH IS PLOWED IN THE WINTER! In rainy seasons this park is subject to flooding so you may want to consider Walk #2 if there has been a lot of rain.

#2 Sip, Stroll, & Shop - Ozaukee Interurban Trail Segment

If you're not already familiar with the Interurban Trail, it's a paved walking and cycling trail that follows the railroad tracks through Ozaukee County. Depending on where you go, you can see anything from farmland to town. If you're really lucky, you'll get to see a train and wave to the engineer! AND IT'S PLOWED IN THE WINTER!!!

This segment runs just half a block off Main Street in Thiensville. It is 2 miles round trip. If that's too ambitious for you today, you can cut it roughly in half, but more on that later!

There are several opportunities to hop off the trail to grab a cup of

coffee and there are a handful of restaurants offering take-away at either end. Best of all, Close to the Heart is at the north end of the segment for all of your mom gear needs. I'm writing this in COVID times, but this place has a sweet mom lounge area and the best diaper changing station ever!

At the south end, start at Mequon Road between the Cafe Hollander complex (east side) and the Mequon Public Market (west side). Plenty of free parking and easiest trail access on the east side. Pick up any coffee you need on either side of the trail then jump on the trail and start strolling north!

At the north end, park in the large shopping center lot on the corner of Freistadt Road and Main Street. Go bra shopping or pick up an actual stylish piece of nursing wear at Close to the Heart, then walk around the street side of Daily Taco to find the trail. Start strolling south!

The midpoint of this trail segment is approximately located at Buntrock and Main Street, right behind the cheel (may it rise from the ashes soon). There is a small, free, municipal parking lot right next to the trail. Park your car and head in the direction that suits you.

#3 A Walk on the Wild(er) Side - Mequon Nature Preserve

Slightly more rugged than the others, but still a nice, mild hike is Mequon Nature Preserve. There are several access points, but I recommend the south entrance on County Line Road if you're visiting for the first time. There are loops and loops of trails through woods and prairie as well as that Wisconsin rarity - elevation change!

There's an ADA accessible loop right by the visitors center, see the bottom right corner of the map. It is NOT plowed in winter though, so you'll need to be sure of foot or a real pro with your stroller to go in the winter. In warmer months it is a gorgeous little path winding through the marsh and along a little stream. This path is quite flat and smooth so it's easy with any type of stroller.

For a little more off-roading, park towards the back/upper portion of the lot and look for the path heading up the hill into the prairie. Once again, this is not plowed in winter, so consider recent conditions before heading out. The trail is a wide path paved with crushed limestone. Excellent for a big wheeled stroller or Burley. This would be a fantastic option for those babies who like a bumpy ride to set the mood for a nap!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have another place that's great for a stroller walk? Please share with me!


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