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Top 5 Ways I'm Keeping Mequon Safe

COVID-19 is here to stay, but families need tender love and care more than ever! When we all isolate to prevent the spread of COVID it can lead to new parents being stuck at home without a lifeline. Here's how I'm working to keep Mequon safe from viral spread and making sure I'll be ready when you need me.

#1 Staying Isolated

I've been strictly limiting my interactions with people beyond my household. So when your baby arrives I can come right away without the need to quarantine. I have my groceries delivered and I cook all my meals at home. I always wear a mask on the rare occasions when I go out in public. My family is all working and schooling at home. Let's talk about our levels of risk and risk tolerance. I want to serve you in a way that keeps us both feeling safe and calm!

#2 Getting My Shots

I am all up to date on my vaccinations! You can ask me about my vaccinations and personal practices. This is all part of getting comfortable with me coming into your home and I welcome your questions!

Let's get it all out in the open! I promise to be completely honest and upfront with you so you can best decide if I'm the right doula for you.

#3 Limiting My Availability

When you sign a contract with me for in person support, you have my commitment to serve you and only you. While I'd love to fill my calendar with clients, it's a risk I'm not willing to take. The health and well-being of your family is my top priority.

#4 Singing Silly Songs

Whaaaat? Ok, maybe I'm stretching to find 5 things lol....

I'm washing my hands like it's going out of style and to make sure I'm thorough, I sing songs for timing. I started out with the classic alphabet song, but after months of the pandemic I've had to branch out. Theme songs, church songs, school songs, camp songs, anything to keep me going.

The songs may be silly, but this is serious business.

#5 Offering Virtual Support

Hey people, it's COVID! Sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out. Sometimes we don't have the luxury of choosing the least risky option and we get sick. Sometimes we're not willing to take on additional risk. I've had to become more flexible to meet the needs of the times.

At first I was verrrrry skeptical about virtual doula support. I can't wash up your dishes or fix you a snack via video conference! But having a postpartum doula means you get more than just practical household support. A doula tends to your emotional needs too. Postpartum is often lonely and COVID-19 is intensifying the isolation of bringing home a new baby. People are craving conversation and connection with other adults more than ever.

What I can do in a virtual visit is listen. Family typically asks about the baby. I want to hear your feelings, worries, questions, and triumphs.

I can educate your partner and offer tips for how to help you.

I can answer your thousands of questions.

I can coach you through some relaxation techniques.

I can help you find resources in your area for further support.

I can recognize your achievements and cheer you on your way.

I'm doing all that I can to keep Mequon (and the greater Milwaukee area) safe and minimize the spread of coronavirus. I want to be ready to care for you when you need me!

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